Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Little Bit Exciting

So begins the process of finding inspiration and motivation to enjoy every moment as much as possible. My ambition is that every entry will seek out a 'little silver lining' from what ever corner I find myself exploring.

The source of today's excitement is that it is 23 days until H (the husband) & I are making ourselves comfortable in our new home. YAY! Bye bye F (the home that was), hello G.O (the home that will be) with it's lovely garden and huge amounts of potential, whoo hoo!

Todays silver lining was discovered at Lona de Anna... I had not yet contemplated any of the possiblities for our new laundry, but these images have me excited at the thought that beauty can infiltrate the heart of what is normally the dreaded chore centred space... some wonderful opportunities to peruse...

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