Friday, April 30, 2010

The Longest 7 Days

This time next week H & I will be settling into our new home. It's not at all what we imagined we'd buy, we were actually after a character home like a villa or bungalow & colonial had never crossed our mind as an option - at all, as most we'd ever seen were just blah. But here it is... well, before we get to work on it... which is what we are both looking forward to the most - something to put our stamp on.

It's actually quite a super cute place - for a colonial - and the moment we walked in there was such a sense of calm and homeliness in every light filled space, that with the property ticking all the renovating potential boxes, it just felt right. The front yard is enormous & one of the first things we'll probably do is plant a hedge fence to keep our adorable Indi from exploring the neighbourhood at his own free will, but let me show you the before shots of the interior... It's going to be a relatively slow work in progress with renovations done as we can afford them... but goodness I love all the potential!

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